Vacation Time is Over!

Hi everyone! I'm back in the blogging business.

I had a wonderful vacation, long and eventful. Not all the events were "positive" in the sense that they made me feel happy cheerful thoughts, but they were all positive in the sense that they got me to grow and to understand things. They were learning experiences, and as such valuable.

Plus, of course, there were many happy cheerful thoughts and amazing things that I've enjoyed every second of, and, to be frank, the aftermath has me a bit restless and unwilling to settle back into the groove.

In cases like that some external circumstances can be very helpful. So, profiting of today's full moon and of the fact that it's September (damn, already!) and some of my favourite vegetables are in season, I'm going to dive headlong into Kitchen Witchcraft tonight and make some preserves! They may be slightly more magical than my usual. We'll see.

And for those of you that could use a reminder:
Preserves - part I
Preserves - part II

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