Love Charm

Kitchen Witchcraft's Love Charm is a herbal talisman created to encourage, promote and strengthen love, both romantic and platonic (family, friendship). A leather strap, woven into a knotwork heart, holds a tiny glass vial containing herbs and other ingredients associated with love and positive emotions: rose petals, jasmine petals, cinnamon, cocoa, star anise, and others.

The talisman can be worn as a pendant, or placed wherever you see fit. Use it to open yourself up to the idea of love, to remind someone else of your love, to invoke the feeling in your practices, or any other way you see fit.

Price: $10 + shipping fee
Want one? Email me at witchcraftinthekitchen (at) gmail (dot) com!

Materials: leather (cord), glass (vial), cork (cork), steel elements (non-allergenic).
Dimensions: total length 20 cm, vial 1.5 cm, knot 2 cm.

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