The Knife

'She was killed by an athame, right?'
'Wrong. Double-edged steel knife."
'Right. That's an athame.'

Charmed, episode 1.
The first, and maybe the most important tool of the Kitchen Witch. Unlike the well-known athames and bolines of Gardnerian Witches, a simple knife serves all purposes in the Kitchen Craft, both for Cooking and Magic.

A good knife should have a handle that fits Your hand well and a hard blade that will not bend or wobble. Personally I dislike serrated knives as they tear the surface, making it look abused and displeasing. They are also harder to sharpen, and another sign of a good knife is that it is sharp.
When choosing one, make sure it satisfies all Your criteria. Do not buy a knife that You find ugly, too big or too small. If You are unsure which knife to choose, get three that You think will suit You the most. Then see which one are You using most often.

Knife handles made of silver, plastic and wood.
The material that a knife is made of  can make a big difference, so do not underestimate it.
Specifically pay attention to the handle, as it comes into direct contact with Your hand. Knife handles can be made of various materials : wood, plastic, metal... Again, choose whichever suits You best, spiritually, aesthetically and technically. I prefer wooden handles myself, since they give me the best connection to Nature while being used. But always remember that Your preference is the most important : if You choose a knife that will not satisfy You, You might get irritated or angry when using it, and imbue Your Craft with negative emotion.

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