Kitchen Witchcraft on a Budget

I was asked for advice on Tumblr as to how do some kitchen witchcraft on a tighter budget, and I've decided to post it here as well. Maybe it will come in handy to someone?
Kitchen Witchcraft, in its essence, is witchcraft on a budget. It’s a very frugal, simple practice that incorporates spiritual meaning into everyday chores, and if you’re in need of economising, I’d say that’s the best way.
  1. Try food spells. You need to eat anyway, right? And “normal” spices are the core ingredients of kitchen witchcraft in any case. So instead of getting all ceremonial at it with offering dishes and five colours of candle, make a soup. Visualise your intentions, think of what you want to achieve and draw your way (or draw away) - it’s a whole ritual ready and waiting, fire, knives, mortars. Careful cooking is especially useful to people on tight budgets, because not only does sensible home cooking save you money, it can be a meditative activity that can reduce your stress and anxiety - and those are common where money is tight. Just don’t rush it, don’t do it while your mind is somewhere else. Think of it as your sacred moment.
  2. When doing food spells, research the right spices for the purpose (tons of information online), but also adapt to your own needs. Remember, this is a personal practice. It’s about you. Someone might say you absolutely need white quartz or saffron or whatever, but they’re not the highest authority on what you need; you are. (For instance, many American witches use alfalfa as a prosperity-drawing ingredient. For me, that doesn’t work, because in my country, it was what the poorest people fed the poorest livestock - rabbits, goats - to survive. It’s a completely different image and energy. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another.)
  3. Feature protective magic in your cleaning chores. The two are almost one and the same anyway - no amount of protective sigils and cleansing incenses will make you feel better if you live in filth, anyway. And people on a budget (of which I definitely am one) need all the health and positive energy we can get, while not always having time for complicated rituals. Or money for expensive cleaning agents. So I like to bring the two together, making my own cleaning agent of baking soda and white vinegar, and clean house with it (floors - not wood! - bath, sinks etc). It makes me feel much more in control of my own space, and saves quite a bit of money.
  4. Learn a bit about herbs. They’re not really expensive, especially the popular ones, and they can be very useful in both magic and household. Use a herbal mixture in baths, or to clean delicate surfaces (wood, wood laminate, windows…), or as infusions. Making your own tea mixes, spice mixes, oil infusions - it all adds up, and it all doubles as your herbal talismans, witch bottles etc.

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