Crêpes aux Épinards

We all know that pancakes are great. I think there's no need to justify this opinion. But just to point out one of their many qualities - You can make them with anything You like and each time achieve a different dish. These particular pancakes were made for a spinach fanatic's birthday, and he liked them.

I ought to say, perhaps, that these are french crêpes, thin and large, rather than american "puffy" pancakes. The french variety can be used with different fillings and rolled up easily (or folded however You want them). They go just as well with sweet and spicy fillings.
I will not be giving necessary amounts for this recipe, because they all depend on how You want the pancakes to be. The first part is for the batter, the second for the filling.
  • Flour - unbleached flour is the healthiest and it gives a more interesting taste.
  • An egg
  • Bran - if You don't have graham flour, I strongly advise enriching the flour with bran. It's healthier and tastier that way.
  • Water - some people use milk instead, some use carbonated water, but plain old tap water has always been good for me.
  • Spinach - fresh, canned, frozen, whatever You can lay Your hands on
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Quark cheese
  • Vegetable oil for frying
Mix the flour (and bran) with a small amount of water first - just enough to get a thick mass. Add an egg (one should be enough, unless You are making a lot of pancakes or want them with egg aftertaste) and mix again. This will ensure that You get it mixed smoothly : if You just put everything in at once, You get water with round noodles. Once You have the egg distributed nicely, pour in more water. The batter for crêpes should be thin, with milk-like density.
With the mixture ready, You can see to the filling. Chop the onions and garlic and put them over medium heat with a drop of oil (olive oil will give them a nice finish). Add the spinach and fry it for some time. If You're using frozen spinach, fry it longer so You can eliminate water surplus. When You get a soft, green mass but with a visible "leafy" texture, mix the spinach with quark cheese in 1:1 proportion and You're done. Now all You need to do is fry thin pancakes and wrap the filling in them.

Crêpes aux épinards can be served straight from the pan, but You can also prepare them earlier and then heat them up in the oven. With some grated cheese and sunflower (or pumpkin) seeds on top, they can be even tastier that way.

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